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April 12, 2010
I will be home soon,

Dating with a view to Marriage:
Proverbs 13:10


I lie awake to the sound of it all
Will it ever reach me
As I wander around this hole
Will the burden break me

So I try, break habit, and fall
The walls consume me
Rely on having it all
And it all goes through me

Have the words been made to take the pain
When the truth cannot be safe
Can the truth remain when everything, everything’s okay
And now the world surrounds us
Will we ever live

Now here we are, going down, down, down
Will we turn this around or fall apart
Now here we are, looking down, down, down
We can turn this around; it’s who we are

When a girl is motivated she will do what it takes to make things right between Families….
No matter what it takes,
No matter how many mistakes she makes she will never give up!
She hangs on and remains strong thru the storm…..
She will always remain calm and always learns to get along!

When a boy is motivated to get things in the right direction he keeps his mouth shut and keeps pressing on!
Boys are smarter than girls in different ways,
This is a no longer a secret it’s all about the truth!

People should stop lying so much,
and keep their mouths shut…….
Because they are different in so many things!
Talent comes and goes
Which direction in life,
Only God and You know!

I was always ahead of the years 10 thousand years ago…..
Already ahead of the Show……
How do I know?
The Bible tells me so!

Thank God is ahead of my Life….
and I will always move forwards in a new Direction
Thank God for living Right every day….

No matter where,
No matter how long it takes….
I will just be me…..
and keep pressing on…..
Until God comes to take me Home!

So I am thankful for my E&T….
Thankful and grateful for my E&J……
Without them I wouldn’t Henessy and be without my Remi!

So I will be a Ruff Ryder for LIFE!!!!!
I will try not to be ashamed what these Haters said or did….
One day when I make it BIG……
It’s not how low can I go it’s how HIGH can I Rise!!!!!

So here is the Answer Sky High…..
This angel in disguise will keep soaring HIGH!!!!

Psalms 30:5 Simply says ” Weeping may endure for a Night but joy cometh in the morining.”
Thank God for all his mercy and glory
For he dried up all my tears,
In God I shall trust to dry up my fears,
Because I have gifts of many colors
Red, black, yellow, orange, green, and white…..
I listen to my elders and maintain a Godly frame,
Keep strong willed advice.
Negativity goes in one ear and out the other,
For in the Holy Bible it says when others do you wrong,
You are to still Love another unto another.
We must suffer to laugh,
Laugh to cry,
Die daily to repent .

Ready set go….PURSUE the chase in your LIFE!
Whether it be falling in Love,
Completing EDUCATION,Morals,OR the Strive to SURVIVE!
If you give up than you will never know where the Pursuit could go!
If you don’t hang on you may never have another chance to lend a helping hand,
If you don’t cling to your dignity,
Than you might as well sign over completely!
Pursue the Chase of life to Survive or just to complete the Fight….
Let your little light be of sight,
and of sunshine!
Even if your skies are dark and grey,
Just smile and make the most of that DULL day!
Just think you made it this far by FAITH, Blessings, and it’s your day to say….
” I am not giving up my FATE….I’ve come a mighty long WAY!”
So, clear out the roadblocks and unclog the tearducts,
Because you will make it as long as you can see the way…
That was provided for you to shout and say…
” I am not giving up….”
“I am going to keep on moving,”
“I am not stopping the Chase only Pursuing!
All of my dreams and make the most out of my LIFE….
Whether my Life be Short,Long,Narrow,or Wide…
As long as I have the Wisdom to know the differnce….
Between my faults,rights,or my wrongs…..
I shall Pursue the Chase for Victory is around the corner…
and it won’t be Long!
So….I shout again and say….
” I am not giving up….”
“I am going to keep on moving,”
“I am not stopping the Chase only Pursuing!
All of my dreams, and make the most out of my LIFE….
Ready,Set,Go,let your DREAMS flow,
Never give up Hope….
If you give up than you will never know,
How far your Dreams can keep afloat.
So just…..
u=Unique in your LIFE
r= right path of light
s= survive and stay in the fight
u= universal Holy War
e= Expert in your Paths….
Noone but you knows your PLANS!!!

Love is not just a feeling,
Love isn’t an emotion,
Love is unconditional and keeps on crawling….
Towards uplifting mountains,
and never ending vallies….
That what Love is and if it’s real than you will know!
Because love is working it out and always willing to grow.
So, if you’re in LOVE and haters tell you otherwise….
Have sense enough to know and be precise…..
Before you find real love you may bump your head once or even twice.
Never give up because LOVE is out there!
One in a million trust and believe,
Love don’t ever cost a damn thing!
Love is self worth, respect, and honor….
Commitment takes time to rise and shine!
So try and work it out if you can…..
Love is a great feeling to hold on to, never let go of,
To have, to hold, and to cherish…..
Never let love die or perish.
I will stop and wait for YOU BOO, and stay TRUE to BLUE!

They talk all day and night long,
Spreading gossip like we are doing wrong!
Check this out they don’t know what we’re WoRtH!
Loving one another, family, and putting God Almighty FIRST!
Trying to get to Heaven and not go to Hell,
Keep bumping them gums because I rebuke you in the name of Jesus and telling to stop I shall never tell.
I know exactly what we’re WoRtH……
‘Cause I am putting me,myself, and I, plus God Almighty first!
Putting the haters last,
Keep it up because I shall keep walking for Jesus,
So he can say” My child, job well done,”
For I loved the whole world that I sent my only begotten son.
That my child is what you’re WoRtH,
so let the devil keep putting in all that work!
Just keep loving me and put me first!

I love myself before others,
That’s just the way it is…..
Moving on in my in my life….
Strive to survive!
On top of the world trying to get there!
Soon I shall overcome the devil for God has WON!
Live my life to the fullest and strive,
To be the Best in the HOT mess that my mama left!
Never letting go and moving on from the drama….
Love me before others call it what you want!

I have several nicknames…..
and i hold them to my closets veins…..
I don’t like 10 years of haters
and just being plain ugly….
He said I was playing him
and I was with TALL can…..
He left to the military
all i did was have his baby……
So all I am is just a ” BABY MOMMA number 1″
my sister and I are done with that One….

Baby daddy number 2 is my LOYAL friend…..
he has been here for me thru thick and thin
and his baby momma always causes everyone damn drama!!!!
She can never be me…
Cuz Baby i FLIP my script like i just did…..
I am tired of her talking shit about everyone
she is dumb…..
and not number ONE
Cuz the bible says
But God don’t like Liars
and so I do this for my boys….my kids
instead of publishing it
I just keep it here
FOR the HELL of IT
Cuz Baby I love it….
and you can’t replace shit…..

Now the Hell with this shit
I am not making the Best of a Storm….
I am only fixing MINES

Used to wake up in a nightmare WASTED,
Meth had a control on me,
So I gave it up by getting on bended knees and praying.
That Jesus would simply deliver me!
To save me from the reflection of myself,
Letting go of being WASTED,
Ten years of playing around,
I am letting it all go and saying goodbye,
Leaving the years in the past and far behind,
So that my dreams can climb high mountains and dream my dreams,
To be successful in writing and although it seems like just a dream,
I am never giving up because WASTED just got one huge kick in the BUTT!
Now I am sitting here working till the LOVE that my God sent to me comes home again!
I am Lucky because I have two really GREAT guys in my life!
My love is MAGIC baby and this is the way it is….
So I can be patient and wait…..
My Love is locked up in prison and it sucks,
because I miss him a lot!
Sometimes we have to suffer to endure the BEST of these….
In order to become KING and QUEENS in our lifetime
We must get thru the test and trials….
To become a blessing after awhile!
So all the fruits of the spirits have truly inspired me to finish my work….
and continue to write!
I am going to help save grace until I met FATE again!
Thank God for Grace…….
I saw his kids on SATURDAY!
Braided their hair……..
Because I am a ” LUCKY CARE BEAR.”
This is why I made this blog to love and inspire others in the hard work that they do!
I am on a vacation for now and as soon as I can i will have time to sit in class again….
Because I love him and he certainly loves me!
So I used to be wasted certainly not anymore!
Fly away baby……it’s almost over only a little more to go my LOVE!

Trash for treasure in my life isn’t looking so nice!
WHY you ask? Baby i am simply trading my life in for treasure!
Is it a pretty picture? Is it something you want to hold on to forever?
N-O- please empty it by…..
Taking out the trash everyday,
Repenting from my UGLY ways!
Giving up on HATERS moving on….
Music is a melody that is simply carrying me along!
Let God clean my heart out right,
So I may be BLESSED and stand UPRIGHT!
So….dear God please hear my cry,
TRADE the trash in my life and bring me
TREASURES so I can still HOLD on to you Tight